Chart Your Course Through Our Extensive Leadership & Business Curriculum

All of the courses in the GLG interactive and virtual classroom are professionally presented based on the original content and intellectual property of Glenn Llopis Group. The growing curriculum will also feature lessons from other successful business leaders and notable thought leaders, representing Fortune 500 corporations, agencies, non-profits and trade associations from top-tier industries.

We invite you to explore the powerful curriculum we've put together to help you broaden your thinking, grow and compete in the changing workplace and global marketplace. You'll develop leadership skills that traditional leaders don't have; see opportunities others don't see; and accelerate your career by discovering an immigrant mentality that others have yet to embrace.

Our curriculum is customized and designed around five of the most sought-after business training categories:

Leadership - will help you find your voice, develop your inner strengths, and influence the success of others.

Career Advancement - will teach you how to "get discovered" by building a powerful personal brand; standing out from the rest of the crowd; becoming a better networker; and mastering mentorship.

Entrepreneurial Skills - where you'll learn to think like an entrepreneur; see more opportunities - and see them through; and reinvest in your success to discover even more opportunities.

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Managing People - will help you earn respect and trust while encouraging others to respect and trust their own voice; and leverage cultural heritage while understanding how diversity serves as a business growth enabler for both individuals and organizations.

Brand Management - focuses on business strategy and brand growth - how trust, loyalty and influence will be won by those who display a genuine desire to help consumers advance, not just sell to them.

New content will continue to be added every month as we expand our curriculum to support your ongoing commitment to professional development and business growth.