GLG Training Develops Authentic Leaders and Business Growth Innovators

Our mission with the GLG interactive and virtual classroom is to provide a convenient yet high-value training center to develop talent and enable leaders who can bring business growth and innovation to the 21st century global workplace and marketplace.

So much more is demanded of our business leaders today. They are uniquely challenged with finding ways to pull us out of the post-2008 economy - and at the same, they must learn to navigate a business world that is becoming more mobile, transient, flexible and diverse.

GLG training has been specifically designed with these challenges in mind. At their own pace, we teach individuals and organizations how to:

  • See and seize opportunities previously unseen.
  • Maximize their ROI on leadership, business development & innovation, diversity and other efforts.
  • Dominate their industries by staying culturally relevant and creating sustainable business outcomes.
  • Accelerate high performance by enabling leaders to authentically think, act and innovate.

In short, GLG training helps leaders find their authentic voice and identity - and through their authenticity discover the real impact and influence they can have.

The courses here are inspired by Glenn Llopis' immigrant perspective on business leadership and the Opportunity Mastery Skills, featured in his book, "Earning Serendipity - 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work." Mr. Llopis also writes regularly about the immigrant perspective, including his blogs on and Huffington Post - where he helps his followers and other readers become better leaders, advance in their careers, develop entrepreneurial skills, manage their brands, and manage others.